Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary sonic and visual artist

7th September - 25th November

Weds - Sat / 10am - 4pm


Studio users anual exhibition at the Rooftop Gallery and Workshops in Corby showing a diverse range of work from amature to professional in a vareity of mediums.

Sonic Dreams Installation Warren Shaw

Sonic Dreams documentation online

Sonic Dreams was a sound installation completed in 2006, the first major project to include sound as the primary medium. Using a dynamic soundscape the work sought to alter the perception of space.


View documentation of the work here.


Infiltration documentation online

Infiltration is mediation between the role of man-made sounds, and the imposition of such sounds, on the existing environment. Initially conceived and presented as an installation in 2007.


Infiltration was developed from a series of walking and listening exercises through the modern environment. Using a stereo set up the work imposed itself upon the already existing environment, focusing our attention on the formidable impact of modern technological sounds.


View documentation of the the work here.



Morphology 202 painting by Warren Shaw

Project 202 - An art exchange

Morphology202, 2014

Oil on board, 14.8 x 21cm


I recently took part in an art exchange facilitated by Gallery202 creating two small morophological studies based around a single identical shape. One work was kept by Gallery202 and will become part of their standing collection and the other is exchanged.


The exchange is a continuing project and more information, photos and details can be found on the Gallery202 website here.

Studio Users Show

Bandstand Commission black ink drawing by Warren Shaw

New Commission

Bandstand, 2014

Ink on board, 12 x 16''


This privately commissioned work is a study in acrhitecture and perspctive using a morphological approach to form and distance.

Temperamental Microphonic Mixture Base 2 Warren Sh

Temperemental Microphonic Mixture Base, 2014

Installation and sound


Presenting synaesthetic interpretations of breakfast cereals which were displayed as an interactive exhibit where people were invited to mix their own soundscape.


View more details about the work here.

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Sound Forms Warren Shaw Poster Exhibition

Sound Forms : Solo exhibition (2015)

Sonic and visual artist Warren Shaw presents his first solo show ‘Sound Forms’ from the 1st - 30th of April (Wed to Sat 11am - 4pm) at The Rooftop Gallery and Workshops in Corby, Northamptonshire. The solo show was awarded as part of the Watch This Space Prize from the annual Corby Open exhibition which Shaw was awarded in 2013.


In the exhibition Shaw combines thoughts on sound in visual, aural and literary forms creating diverse connections between the senses. Using a wide range of media from sculpture and installation, to painting and drawing, the works question our perceptions and encourage a new way of seeing and hearing.


The Rooftop Gallery & Workshops